The HAIKU is an unrhymed 17 syllable 3 line poem that emerged in 17th century Japan. Traditional Haikus are formatted as a 5 syllable 7 syllable 5 syllable style poem. Many Haikus deal with nature, or a moment in time and stir the reader’s imagination. 

LOVEARTPLAY challenges you to a Haiku Contest. Plenty of information online to wet your appetite and create a Haiku poem, a great deal of fun creativity and a prize of 50 dollars. All Haiku entries will be published on our website. and other social media. Submit your Haiku with a photo and bio, and email address to LoveArtPlayct@gmail,com. The Haiku  should be submitted   by January 31. The winner  will be announced on

Valentines Day.

The Old Pond by Matsuo Basho


              An old silent pond

                    A frog jumps into the pond

                              Splash! Silence again

Coming Soon!

Guy Dedell Musical Interludes

Guy W. Dedell is a multi instrumentalist who has enjoyed performing his entire life He specializes in glorious sounds including instruments from around the world, such as  the marimba, flutes of all kinds, drums from everywhere and keyboards too. While in college,Guy joined the trio, Solstice, that toured,  playing  and enjoying  concerts, school workshops and festivals throughout CT.,N.Y. and MA. Guy taught music at the Wooster School  and Newtown HighSchool for 25 years. Guy also collaborated on performance projects for  Artistic Director Arlene Begelman of the Connecticut Stage professional theater company and the School of Performing Arts .His love of Mother Nature and history of hiking has had a strong influence on his musical creativity. Guy and Arlene are excited to be working together once more for the innovative arts organization Love/Art/Play. Stay tuned for Musical Interludes with Guy for a unique musical experience. Weekly, the sounds of different world instruments  will be brought to you via social media and the Love/Art/Play website. These interludes are for the entire family . Stay tuned!

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