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Aleya Wesler

As someone who can vote in this coming presidential election, I cannot stress its importance enough! During this time of a pandemic, the BLM movement, and other cultural changes we need a leader who cares about these issues as much as their people. To put people who will truly represent us in places of power is to fulfill our civic duty (if eligible) and vote! To make your vote count it is important to look at the leading figures in the election. Specifically for this upcoming presidential one, the two leading parties are the democrats (Biden and Harris) and republicans (Trump and Pence). Even though there are the two main parties, there are other independent candidates on the ballot as well and the choice to write in one. It must be stressed that while it may be funny to vote for someone different as neither leading candidate may seem favorable, but pointless. At this stage, any vote for an independent candidate is a vote for Trump. People with major influence have been promoting this kind of behavior as of late, but they do not seem to comprehend the stupidity of their actions. To make a change and participate in the democracy of the country is to vote for a leader (of the leading candidates) that you believe will have the best chances of upholding the beliefs that you share.

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