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Colleen O'connor

As generation Z, we have grown up in the midsts of many political revolutions, seeing a great deal of change as well as some incredible missed opportunities for progress. All of our lives have been filled with political tensions which have allowed us to become more educated about the country we live in at such young ages. The incredible amounts of injustice that we’ve seen are a blessing and a curse; We empathize with those who have lost the fight, and have the education now to join those in the battle for progress. It is incredibly apparent that despite our age, we are more ready than anyone else to fight for justice. We are fed up with the state of our country and the lack of empathy that many people contribute to our society. This November, many of the generation Z will vote for the first time. This is the beginning to a new revolution; Us young people are fed up and ready to vote. This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see where we take this country.

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