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Viviana Flores


Name: Viviana Rebekah Flores

Age: 16 years old

Occupation: Scholar-Athlete

School: Danbury High School

Residence: Danbury, CT


As an extremely involved and active person and the daughter of small business owners, I have fully felt the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, not all outcomes of this global health crisis have brought devastation as this time has become one of reflection, gratitude, and growth. Change is among us all.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, sports all around the world have come to a stop. Not being able to participate in, or even watch, the sports I love has been extremely difficult. However, like everything else throughout this pandemic, positivity has brought peace of mind. Therefore, looking back on my time without basketball, I’ve realized just how much I needed the break. Before the pandemic, trying to balance school, sports, work, and life placed my stress levels at an all-time high and began to affect my overall well being. Thankfully, the end of my school sports season and the outbreak of the virus in the United States happened simultaneously, allowing me to self-assess, self-reflect, and self-improve. Now, I miss the game of basketball more than anything and feel that I have truly reached the point where I am ready to return better than ever before.

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