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Liam Lacey

My favorites… 

Color: Blue 

Song: Dog Years by Maggie Rogers 

Maggie once wrote… “Dog Years is about a day I skipped class to stay in bed and make frozen pizza with a boy I loved. Dog Years is about dance parties in the kitchen. Dog Years is about chocolate milk and the Tompkins Square dog park. Dog Years is about a thank you note. Dog Years is about change, about loving and leaving and still loving, about trusting yourself, about trusting the universe, about being a good friend and never having enough time.” 

Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 

Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Directed by Wes Anderson) 

Music: Folk Pop/Indie/Alternative 

Food: Stuffed omelettes! My best friend has chickens, and between those fresh eggs and a mix of veggies, I can make the perfect breakfast. 

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