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In Spring, Just

The blue sky has turned my body to green

red sap bloody now coursing through my veins

My brown eyes watch earth realize winter's dream

Asphyxiated cells rendezvous in-                             side my heart, chromatophores hard suckling

Octopus man, yearning to be yearning

in odyssey outside of trees rustling

my loves wolves to howl and howling learning

to love all over again to under-                              stand the vast levitational weight spring

 of longing, bursting, alive in wonder-

full love of you, blooming earth surrounding.

We hug hard until our bodies combine

Blossoming earth holds everything, one, divine.

~Nick Jacobs

Nick Jacobs is one of the Cornwall Curmudgeons of the Eccentric Table whose oddities have become his commodities...For years he has worked as something, somewhere. He has had the privilege of performing with David Begelman at Connecticut Stage under the direction of Arlene Begelman. He lives in his 500 square foot digs with his numerous dear typewriter companions with whom he hunts and pecks out some sonnets. He yearns for cafes to open again so he can type in them. He loves Brahm's Opus 117 and fried octopus and Sanderson Regular Half Plate cameras. He often sits down by the riverside Bridge Number 560.


Nicks Jocobs

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