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Late Seisiún

Through Paddy’s splintered door, green and bolted-black,

You fell wind-whipped and kissed with cold.

Your hunger cries, “How can this solitude endure?”

You seem to find the answer behind my eyes.


Lodged between our bodies and beaten brick,

Thirsty bodhráns roll,

Seducing late night feet and brandied fingertips

With aboriginal bound.


Water glass clash with fiddle round—

Cricket calls of bow-string consummation.

By breathe of God, hand of man and skin of lamb,

Uilleann pipes play air-brushed hymns of land-torn woe.


Skin sings, hunger dies and through this revel,

We drink life—an elemental feast of summoned song.

Feet now fiercely feed on full grown beat—

A wind-reaped harvest lust of ancient note.


The last call—and smoky mugs drift

Down to earth as airborne doves.

The beats subside, bodies shift…

Unexpected as death, three a.m. has discovered

Paddy’s Pub.


 ~Sheri Bresson



Sheri Bresson is an actor, singer, writer and teacher from Connecticut who has performed in the UK, New York, and across New England in various stage productions. Sheri has spent the last several years creating, and beginning to perform her one woman show titled "In Her Own Words," which is comprised of the writings and transcriptions (the real-life words) of six extraordinary women from history. A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, the British American Drama Academy, and a student of the late E. Katherine Kerr, Sheri also enjoys teaching, and passing along Katherine's revolutionary work through her own classes and coaching. 

Sheri Bresson

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